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"Sarah brings her heart and soul to her practice and provides a clear and safe space for clients to deep dive into their own work, even through the parts that might feel uncomfortable or treacherous. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah with Kambo, Sananga, and Hape. I felt completely at ease with her, trusting her knowledge and ritual expertise in holding and administering the medicines. The work I did with Sarah was intense while it was happening and then the unfolding of it in the days and weeks beyond were profoundly transformational and supportive. There were certain themes present in my life that needed healing (some known consciously beforehand, some not), and working with Sarah with these medicines accelerated this healing by bringing clarity and revealing the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate “symptoms” that manifested physically, psychologically, and at more meta-levels, ushering nuances and subtleties to rise to the surface and be transmuted. One of the things I really like about Sarah is that she is extremely grounded and able to provide answers to the questions that I had in a practical sense. She understands the science of the multi-faceted medicines that she works with and is able to clearly explain what she’s up to in a way that appeals to the rational mind and puts it at ease for a deeper, safer experience with the intuitive and deeper levels of healing. She does not assume anything about where you are coming from, and truly meets you where you are. I felt completely comfortable being in a range of physically uncomfortable states with Sarah holding my process and taking care of me in the ways needed. I highly recommend working with Sarah!" - Seyta S. 

"When I first heard about Kambo, I was intrigued but also not quite sure if it was the right thing for me. However, making my decision became easy when Sarah was able to provide me with all of the research that she did during her masters program on the topic. For me, that is what makes Sarah THE person to go to for Kambo. She is not just some new age wannabe practitioner trying out the latest fad. She is educated with a research background and has also been taught by some of the leading Kambo practitioners (shaman) in South America.  She is, therefore, able to walk the fine line between science and spirit and that becomes even more apparent when you walk into one of her ceremonies. I was understandably nervous my first time but Sarah’s confidence, ease, and overwhelming compassion made me feel right at home. She makes you feel at once like it’s just another Saturday errand you are doing while also somehow holding space for how important it is and like you are the only person in the room that matters. She is warm and personal while also professional. My experience with the Kambo itself was amazing and after completing a cycle I could not believe how much more clear and healthy I felt. I couldn’t recommend Kambo and Sarah enough!"

- Gretchen S.

"Sarah is an amazing woman and a dedicated healer. I participated in 4 ceremonies that she facilitated, and wow. So powerful! She spent the time I needed beforehand to prepare me and answer all of my questions with compassion and a very clear base of knowledge and experience. During the ceremony, she was incredibly supportive and made me feel held and safe. Afterward, I felt fantastic! So much lighter and clearer! The first time I went, I had gone in stuck in a depression. After that first ceremony, my depression was gone. This medicine doesn't just work on the physical body. It works on the emotional self as well. Working with Sarah was a life-changing experience, and I couldn't recommend her more." - Julie L

Sarah introduced me to the power of Kambo & made me feel very safe & supported. I’ve done 3 ceremonies so far, and I’ve found the medicine to be one of the most effective liver detoxes I’ve ever done (though it works uniquely on every person according to what one’s body needs). I was hesitant about doing a “group purge” with people I didn’t know, but it was healing and bonding, and Sarah was always there with her intuitive nurturing. She is also very grounded and professional, which I appreciated. — Amy P.

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